The “Bright” Is the Divine Conscious Light.
I Am That—and I Bring That to you.

—Adi Da Samraj

Adi Da Samraj (1939-2008)

Welcome. This website celebrates Adi Da Samraj—unique spiritual realizer, teacher, author, artist, and world-friend.

Adi Da Samraj devoted His life to the realization and communication of Truth—what He called the “Bright”, Prior Unity, or the Indivisible Reality in which we all appear. He communicated that Truth through many means—literary, artistic, and spiritual. His numerous books of spiritual, philosophical, social, and practical wisdom are widely acknowledged as among the most insightful spiritual teachings of the modern world. His artistic works—including many monumental-scale images—are exhibited in key locations around the world. During His lifetime, Adi Da touched and transformed the lives of many thousands of secular and religious seekers, founding a new sacred tradition—the Reality-Way of Adidam—for those who respond most seriously to His spiritual calling, and enter into a formal devotional and spiritual relationship with Him. He empowered a number of sanctuaries around the world to function as places of pilgrimage and retreat in perpetuity. In response to his wisdom and blessings, sacred centers and foundations have been established internationally. Through all these gifts and more, Adi Da’s blessing communication continues to be powerfully active and alive.

As you explore this website, you will find a biography of Adi Da Samraj, as well as photographs, videos, information about His teachings, His art, and His calling to the world. There are also links to sites, books, programs, and organizations related to His life and work.

Discover more about the legacy of Adi Da Samraj, and be brightened at heart by His Divine Presence.